Faith is a sacrifice for knowledge.

Faith is based on the knowledge of God. So when we walk by faith not knowing where God is leading or what the future of our life on earth will bring towards us, continue to walk by faith to find the knowledge of God. Listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and He will lead you in your faith as you sacrifice it to gain the knowledge you are seeking.

Jesus was led to the cross by the Holy Spirit as He sought God’s will on the Mount of Olives. Not my will, but Thine, be done. When we are praying and seeking an answer from God, it may seem at times that God is hiding the future from us, this may be a blessing in disguise. When this happens we must continue to walk by faith to gain the knowledge of God’s will and receive the blessing He has for us. It may look like this “Lord Your word says “…” and I only have the faith of a mustard seed. I believe Lord help my unbelief.” When we put our faith before Him, even as a grain of the smallest seed as a sacrifice, that is all He needs when we base it on His word.

Christ went to the cross and it is through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension that we can receive the Holy Spirit. Ahhh, here may be our lesson as we walk by faith and gain the knowledge of the Holy. The Holy Spirit leads us to the cross to reconcile us back to God the Father through God the Son to receive God the Holy Spirit so we too, like Christ, can lead others to the Holy Spirit. Once someone else receives the Holy Spirit the Kingdom of God is enlarged with another soul, advancing God’s kingdom right here on earth.

Our Father who are in heaven hollowed be thy name the Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thy kingdom come. As we walk by faith we receive godly knowledge to lead others to God so they too can receive the Holy Spirit and become part of God’s kingdom. As we walk with the Lord let us remember Kingdom work and God will lead us in the right paths when we sacrifice faith for His knowledge and purpose for our immediate supplications.

Lord lead us and guide us so we may continue to do kingdom work and advance Your kingdom on earth, knowing that when we “Delight [ourselves] also in the LORD;” You will give us the desires of our heart. (Psalms 37:4) Our omniscient God knows what is best for us and the desires of our heart. Let us walk in faith and take that step to sacrifice our faith toward God and He will give us our supplications when they line up with His will.

In His Service,