Prayer Request

Douglas k.
My son past away a year ago,he was 39.His mother and me always wanted to be blest by a son.please pray for my broken heart.I wish he could have blest me with a grand son.but he wasn’t well he had diebeties and didn’t want to pass it to a child.please god send me a grand son.there wasn’t a father that loved his son more than me(other than god of course.

Pray for Jason.  He is the boyfriend of my Great Niece Candice. Candice Is a Born Again Christian, Jason is not. Pray Jason would open his heart and mind to Jesus and receive Jesus as his Savior/CEO of his life. Thank you! Tom Ashworth

Pray for my Great Niece Candice and her boyfriend Jason. She is a believer in Jesus and he is not. Candice needs to understand she best not become unevenly yoked. That God would intervene on her behalf and that she would meet a man who loves Jesus with his whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Thank you, Tom

John Zeigler
Please pray for my heart surgery scheduled for Friday Dec 20th. Please pray also for my friend Ray he is my caregiver. Thanks and God bless you.

Pray for Terry. She is my wife Deb and my friend.  She is dying of stomach, liver, and pancreas cancer in the last stages. Deb shared Jesus with Terry and she received Jesus into her heart about a week ago. PRAY that Terry's commitment is real and for the Holy Spirit to convict Terry if it is not. Thank you very much, Tom Ashworth

New Song Church
Please pray for Richard. Our brother in Christ currently has pneumonia and is battling heart failure and colon cancer. He needs united prayer warriors believing in the name of Jesus! Thank you.

PRAY for my friend Bob. I shared the Gospel with him today. His back ground is Catholicism. His daughter is Born Again, he's not. Thanks, Tom Ashworth

Pray for Evangelism in all Christian churchs throughout the world!