Tom and Jean are from Bellaire, Michigan, in the northern part of the lower peninsula. This is where they started their family, but eventually moved to the west coast of Florida. Tom spent a number of years in the hospitality industry and a stint as Mayor of Tarpon Springs, and Jean was a nurse.

Tom felt the call into the ministry and eventually served as pastor to a church in a rural town called Shady Hills, FL. This is where Tom and Jean really established themselves as significant spiritual leaders in the community. There was a great need in the Shady Hills area and the church grew to fill it. As obedient servants of our Lord, Tom and Jean answered God’s call to move to Lady Lake and plant New Song Community Church. They felt God’s desire to start a church that all people, young and old, could come to be fed by the Holy Spirit.   This would allow a community of believers to raise up the next generations to walk with the Lord and become leaders in the world.

All three of their children are members of New Song Community Church, along with their families. You might say God has brought them full circle from a small town in Michigan, to a small town in Florida. Tom and Jean are pillars of faith in our community and are very excited to be able to share their church family and faith with you.