After returning home from our vacation, I have rushed around (as we all usually do!) playing catch up.  I am also trying very hard to get back to my normal routine and diet.  As I considered what I wanted to focus on in this week’s email, I just kept thinking that I HAVE to keep my focus on Jesus.

Sometimes I think it’s wrong to ask for something like getting healthy or losing weight.  There are so many other things that are “bigger” and more important than … me.  We have a nation deteriorating right before our eyes, we have wars, disasters  and moral decline everywhere we look, so why would He have time for my problems?  Well, as Christians, we know that He DOES care and have time for us.  Every one of us are a priority to our God who created us!  How amazing is it that God loves us enough to be there when we call His name!  My answers don’t always come in the way I asked or expected, but I have found that if I just trust Him, that His answer is much better than mine ever was.

It is amazing what all people will do to get Jesus’ attention when they need Him.  A non Christian  even calls out for Jesus or God when they need help, are in pain or in trouble.  When there is no where else to turn, you call on the One who is always there, even if you tell yourself you don’t believe.  Sometimes we will do whatever it takes because we are so desperate to spend time with Jesus.  It doesn’t matter what people think of us, we just need Jesus.
My point is, we should be spending every day like this!  We should always be looking for Him, we should be desperate for Him, we should need Him, just like we need food, water or air to breathe.  We don’t just need Him in the hard times, we should need Him in the good times too.  It’s that relationship that we build with our Savior that is the key to our peace, joy and strength.
My prayer is that we all seek Him every day.  That we humble ourselves and lay our lives at His feet, knowing He holds our answers.  If we live our lives like we are truly desperate for Him, He will never fail us.  He will never leave us.
As the deer pants for streams of water,so my soul pants for you, my God”  Psalms 42:1
Pray unceasingly
In His light,