Thinking Opposite in Ministry

Some of the best ministers are the in lay ministry. They may have a job or be retired or just raising a family. But God. God has been working in their life and has given them a spiritual gift of compassion, sympathy or even empathy to help and comfort others.

Here is the point. Some have thought it necessary to go out and labour as the fields are ready for harvest. Let us not be still, the kingdom is at hand and today is the day of salvation. Let us get to work! Yet here is the opposite in ministry. Take for example Jesus at the well. He was resting. The Samaritan women came to the well and a new ministry was birthed. Sometimes we must rest in Christ and pray, Lord, no matter where I am in the field, gleaming Your harvest or abiding in You, let there be the opportunity to share Your truth with someone today.

Get in God’s presence today. Rest in Him and find the joy of the Lord and while you are basking in His presence know that God can still put someone in need of His truths in your path today.

Always be ready at every turning to see Jesus today. May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He be gracious to you and give you peace.

In Christ,