If you have been hanging in with The Daniel Plan emails for a long time, this may ring a bell.  It comes from Dr. Amen and is found on pages 45 – 46 of The Daniel Plan book.  I actually used it the first time in 2014.

Sometimes, if you want to remain functional, productive and happy, tough decisions have to be made.  There is no straight road for me.  It equals the fork to the left.  I find it necessary to go to the right.

Why is that difficult?  I believe it’s a combination of a couple of things. 

Addiction – I can hear you saying it.  WHAAAAT?  I’m not an addict!  Is that true?  Can you pass up the pie, cake and cookies and not care? Sugar is very high on the addiction list!

Mindset – Such a sneaky thing.  In the first place, you don’t like for someone to  tell you how to live and certainly not how to eat!  And far be it from me to do that.  I do want you to know there are options and choices though.  These options and choices may very well determine what the rest of your life looks like.

Motivation – We all have a story.  My story is made up of many inherited health issues, stubbornness and a highly independent streak.  That combination doesn’t usually work in my favor, so my motivation is the NEED for CHANGE.  I really don’t want to live the rest of my life miserable and in pain. 

I don’t want to live on drugs for the rest of my life so the change needs to come from within me.  I know from experience that what I put in my body makes a tremendous difference.  I am on a journey and I choose to take the fork to the right!  What about you?

Pray Unceasingly!!

In His light,


The Fork in the Road

Vividly imagine a fork in the road with two paths:  To the left, imagine a future of pain.  If you don’t care about your brain and body and just keep doing what you’ve always done, what will your life be like in a year… five years…in ten years?  Imagine your body continuing to get old and all that goes with that… brain fog, tiredness, depression, memory loss and physical illness.

To the right, imagine a future of health.  If you care about your body, which is a gift of God, and do The Daniel Plan, what will your life be like in forty days, in a year… in five years… in ten years?  Imagine your body and spirit getting healthier and all that goes with that… mental clarity, better energy, a brighter mood, great memory, a trimmer and healthier body, healthier skin, and a healthier brain.  

Boost your brain health, and you will boost all your other efforts for a healthier life.