Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head and ask why.   Why is this happening to me?  Why is this happening to my loved ones?  I have asked that, a lot.

I don’t think there is a good answer, so I have to cling to the only one I can think of right now.  Why not?  I may not like it and I may cry and get mad, but why not?  I know, as much as I hate it, that I will persevere.  Maybe someone else couldn’t.  I know my faith will carry me through.  Maybe theirs wouldn’t.  Most of all, I know it will get better.  Maybe theirs won’t.

I also keep thinking there must be a lesson that God wants me to learn.  And then I have to remind myself that my timing isn’t His.

What I DO know, every minute of every day is that God loves me!  He loves me so much that He gave His only Son.  No matter what, He still loves me. 

How many others can you say that you can depend on to have that unconditional love, no matter what?

No matter what, He is there.  No matter what, you can depend on His love.

Pray Unceasingly!!

In His light,


Nothing Deeper than His Love

The Daniel Plan

Know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. —Ephesians 3:19

God’s love is deep enough to handle anything.

No matter what hurt you have experienced in the past, what problems you’re going through right now, or what pain you will face in the future, you can count on God’s love.

There may be days when you feel you have hit bottom and could not possibly go any lower. Well, beneath what feels like the bottom is the bedrock of God’s love. That bedrock is solid enough for you to build a changed life upon. There’s no need to tiptoe forward, worrying about mistakes.

God embraces you in the messiness of the change process. He is thrilled that you’ve begun the process, and he is present every moment to give you strength when you ask for it. 

Food for Thought: God’s love for you is deeper than any pain or mistakes, and he is with you right now