For almost 5 1/2 years we have been traveling along on the Daniel Plan journey.  It has been such a wonderful experience for me and I hope you all have pulled out, at least, bits and pieces that have improved your health or even your attitude towards faith, food, fitness, focus and friends! 

Lately, it has really been on my heart that it is time for a change.  Now, before you get too excited, I’m not going anywhere!  The name and focus will be changing though.  I am still working on the details but you will know soon after I do.  I do know we will be exploring different healthy options for different goals.  I think we may study other healthy and not so healthy plans to know what we should avoid.

One thing that will never change is those 5 essentials because they are the solid base for any healthy lifestyle! 

Our faith can bring about change, it can hold things steady when needed, it can renew us and revive us.  It is what keeps me going from one day to the next.  Then there is food.  There are so many things  we can just cut out.  Stop cold turkey and call it good.  Food is not one of those things. Fitness is not one of those things that we always like to talk about.  What we have to keep in mind is that you don’t have to participate in a marathon.  You can walk a mile or two or you can walk around the block.  You can walk to the mailbox , then take it from there!  My routine has changed drastically this past few months, but I can still water walk, so that’s what I do. Focus – now that’s another favorite!  Where our focus is, that’s where our heart and mind will be.  Is it worthy of our time?  Does it glorify God?  And last, but definitely not least is friends.  Our group has bonded and I will always consider them my friends.  They have supported me through thick and thin and loved me even when I didn’t feel lovable.  So yes, we will hold on to these essentials.

I ask for your patience during this transition and I will let you know as soon as details are ready!  Meanwhile,

Pray Unceasingly!!

In His light,