Happy New Year to you all!

As we begin yet another year, I find myself contemplating, not only the coming year but the one gone by also.  The last couple of years have been full of ups and downs.  There have been failures and there have been accomplishments.  What I have learned in my lifetime though is that they are all learning experiences so there can be no failures, just accomplishments.  It is from what you have learned that you grow and move forward.  If you did something that didn’t work, do it differently until it does work. Listen to experience.

We have just come through Advent, a season of expectancy.  We are waiting for our Savior.  He came once and He WILL come again!  Rejoice and be ready!

Every single day we have survived and every single day that’s coming, there should be gratitude.   I can never express fully how grateful I am.  God is so good!  And if my day doesn’t go quite as planned, then I pray I am still grateful and count it as a learning experience!  If I don’t feel great, there are so many who wish they could feel as well as I do.  That turns it into a humbling experience.  Be grateful!

No matter what… trust Jesus!!  He knows what’s been and He knows what’s coming.  Trust Him and give Him the glory!

Pray Unceasingly!!