Happy Monday!

We are officially in the second half of the year and it is moving along quickly!  We are also in the hot months and, as the cook in the house, I don’t always feel like a big elaborate, heavy meal.

Remember how you feel after a big, heavy Thanksgiving meal?  All you want to do is curl up and take a nap?  That follows a meal heavy in simple carbs.  On the other hand, if you eat a variety of complex carbs, like vegetables and fruits and good protein, you should feel energized and ready to take on the next thing in your day.  I have included a chart that shows some choices for comparison.

I am not a vegetarian and do eat meat.  I try to concentrate mostly on chicken, turkey and fish with occasional lean pork or beef.  There are so many healthy options to choose from!

When you begin to make healthier choices, your body will respond accordingly.  More energy and you will feel better!  You will notice, people around you will notice and even your doctor will notice!  Give it a try!

Pray Unceasingly!!

In His light,


God’s Abundant Feast

The Daniel Plan

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” —Genesis 1:29

When God made Adam and Eve, he gave them an abundant array of plants to nourish their bodies. Plant foods are full of nutrients our bodies need for health. Dr. Mark Hyman says that the power of plants runs important functions in your body—food truly is medicine.

If you’re not used to eating fruits and vegetables, you’ll be amazed that your tastes will actually change the more you choose real foods. As you increasingly eat real food, your cravings for sugar and manufactured foods will be replaced by deep satisfaction from naturally sweet things. Experiment with a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before. Treat it as a taste of the garden of Eden.

Food for Thought: Every fruit and vegetable on the planet is nourishing, life-giving food for you to enjoy. It has the power to transform your health.

Carbs to Limit Smarter Carbs Best Choices
Instead of: Choose: Or better yet choose:
Candy Dried fruit Whole fruit
Soda or punch Fruit juice Seltzer with a dash of juice
White bread Whole-wheat bread Seven-grain bread
Enriched pasta Whole-wheat pasta Cracked wheat pilaf
White Crackers Whole-grain cracker Vegetable sticks
Cotton Candy Caramel apple Apple
Chocolate chip cookie Oatmeal raisin cookie Strawberries
Sugary cereal Bran cereal Rolled oats