When you are sad…..I will dry your tears.

When you are scared….I will comfort your fears..

When you are worried…..I will give you hope.

When you are confused……I will help you cope.

And when you are lost…And can’t see the light,

I shall be your beacon….Shining ever so bright.

This is my oath…..I pledge till the end.

Why you may ask?…….

Because you’re my friend.

Author Unknown

I have known many of you for at least a few years.  Some of you have seen me at my lowest point and have remained by my side.  Others, I have no doubt would be at my side if I needed them.  By the same token,  if you need me, I will be there for you in whatever capacity I can.  Some of you, I see more often than others, but whether I see you daily or once a year, if you are getting this email, I consider you a friend.

So, what does that mean?  I know there are many definitions of friendship, but to me I think it means loving unconditionally (just like scripture calls for) and through this love knowing you support each other.  You can talk freely and know you won’t be judged and confidentiality is never questioned.  A friend will hold you accountable, and sometimes that is really hard.  If there is no judgement in friendship, then that accountability  should be coming from  nothing but love.  A couple of things we count on in class is no judgement and confidentiality.  We are working on a healthy lifestyle and trust.

“When you have friends to go with you on the journey toward better health, you are more likely to succeed.  Life change happens in small groups.  “By creating a culture of both love and accountability, our church has seen many people revolutionize their lives, not only in the physical realm, but in their spiritual and mental lives as well.”  Pastor Steve Willis – First Baptist Church Kenova, West Virginia.

TDP – 40 Days to A Healthier Life says this : “Our social circles influence our health even more than our DNA.  We are more likely to be overweight if our friends are, even if our parents are not.  At the same time, we are more likely to exercise and eat healthy food, to not smoke or overeat, if our friend practice healthy habits.  If they’re sick, we’re more likely to be sick.  If our friends have healthy habits, then we probably will.  this means your friends and family may determine how successful you are with The Daniel Plan.  If they’re healthy, you’re more likely to be healthy.  If they are focused on their goals with a positive attitude, you will be too.  If they are living their faith, you will have built-in support.”

It goes on to say “You are not just receiving influence; you are an influencer as well.  If you develop and keep healthy habits, your friends and family are more likely to develop them.  Habits are contagious, which means you can have significant effect on those around you.  But that may not happen overnight.”

There is quite a challenge in those words.  We are not only responsible for our own actions, but an influence on others!  I am not saying we are totally accountable for the actions of our friends, but what a blessing when we can have a positive influence on them and maybe even help them take positive steps to improve their lives too!

I am not perfect.  And neither are you.  BUT our Lord and Savior knows that.  We do have the ability though to try harder every day to be more Christlike, and that includes honoring Him with our bodies, souls and minds.

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other.  Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.  Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”  John 13:34-35 NLY

Pray Unceasingly!

In His light,