Happy Monday!

It’s Week 2 of Advent, the candle of peace.

In a world of turmoil, is peace really possible?  There are wars, rumors of war, discontentment, racism and people who are just hateful all around!  So how do we find this peace we hear about?

The angels proclaimed “Peace on Earth” when the Baby Jesus was born. There are two kinds of peace in our lives. There is inner peace, but we also need peace with others. God provides the answers to getting both. He tells us what to do to find that peace.

Relationship with God is the key to the inner peace that we literally crave in our lives.  As we focus on Him and His strength and power and then trust him to fill us with the Holy Spirit, we can trade our weakness for his strength in all aspects of life.  God’s Word says, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is focused on you because he trusts in you” (Isaiah 26:3).

Personalize that verse with your own name in it: “God will keep me in perfect peace as my mind focuses on him and trusts him.” Inner peace hinges on your trust in God.

If anxiety is controlling your life and peace is nowhere to be found, make the decision to place your trust in God.  He will lead you and guide you each step of the way.  He is patiently waiting, you just need to ask.

The decision to trust God with all the twists and turns of your daily life will lead you to that peace.  The decision not to trust him will leave you stressed and tired.  What will you choose?

Matthew 5:9 says “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God”

God has called us to be peacemakers and that’s where peace with others begins.   Is there an area in your own life that you can make a difference by helping to bring peace to someone’s life?   Is there an opportunity to smooth over a troubled family relationship? Has pride stood in the way of a relationship being healed?  Sometimes, an “I’m sorry” or just a kind word can break through the barrier that has caused turmoil for too long.  God wants you to be a peacemaker and promises blessings to those who further His plan. Maybe we can’t change the world but we can change one heart at a time.

One of the hallmarks of the Christmas story is when the angels appear to the shepherds and proclaim, “Peace on earth,” in Luke 2:14.

Not only do we have the peace that comes from our assurance of salvation, but we also have the peace of mind knowing God will heal this broken world and will come again.

Pray Unceasingly!!