A White Funeral

Oswald Chambers asked the question, “Have you had your white funeral?” He says a white funeral is “the burial of the old man.” This is the death of your lifestyle in which you were living for the world and for yourself. Do you remember such a day where you said, “Lord I surrender all.  I no longer want to live the rest of my days for my will or the desires of this world, but I want to live the rest of my life for Your will and want what You desire. Lord help me live for You.”  It may not happen all at once as you see the flesh rise its ugly selfish nature and say I don’t want to give that up. Whatever that is in which you find pleasure and does not glorify God. But the Holy Spirit and God’s still small voice pierces your heart,”my child it will only harm your very soul, please give that up too, for I have a more abundant life for you. Just let My word dwell in you richly and seek those things which I love and desire and your cup will run over”. O the joy of walking in the perfect will of God. Choose you this day to have a “White Funeral” and put to death the old you and ask God to clothe you with His desires and will so you can be more like Christ and bring glory to Him. Seek it, pray for it, and desire to live it.

In Christ,