Happy and blessed Monday!

No one has probably noticed but there has been a whole lot of competition going on lately!  The Winter Olympics, with all of its triumphs and heartbreak and then there was some sort of football game last night too.  All the athletes have trained for years and some, their entire lives to get to this point.  All in hopes of the big win.

Have you ever considered that we are in a competition that we have been training for too?  It’s a marathon that we are running and the win is HUGE!

From the time we walk, talk and begin to learn, we are training.  Our early trainers are our parents.  They, hopefully, teach us the basics.  They also, hopefully, begin our training as we begin to know Jesus.  When we know Jesus, we know the prize is an eternity with Him.

As we mature, we are influenced by so many things, some good and many really bad. Peer pressure is rampant and young people can be cruel.  That’s why, as part of our training, a good church, youth group and supportive parents, ministers and peers are important.

When we become adults, so many things in our lives are set.  This is an important time because we not only continue our training, we also influence others and can act as their coaches as they train too!  It’s important that we understand how crucial our marathon is.  It’s not just our race, it’s the urgent call to help others run their race, be an influencer!  It’s knowing, without a doubt, that we are ready to meet Jesus and prepare others to do the same.  A tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree!

No one, ever, promised us the race would be easy.  There will be hard work and heartbreak.  Sometimes, exhaustion sets in.  The key is to never take our eyes off the prize!  Visualize crossing the finish line and being greeted with “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:23)

Every single day brings us closer to eternity.  Are we running the race as trained athletes, ready for the prize?  Are we a living example of who Jesus wants us to be?  We may be the only Bible someone ever reads.  Lastly, are we consistent in our faith or does it come to a standstill once we go home and close the door?  I don’t want to disappoint my eternal Father!

My prayer is that you train fully and look towards the prize. We may never be “worthy” but we can be winners of the race for all eternity!

Pray Unceasingly!!