Happy Monday!

“You must start with why before you can begin with the how and what.”

“One of the most important parts of the Daniel Plan’s Focus Essential is to know your motivation, or why you must get healthy.   Without an underlying clear sense of motivation, it is much harder to stay the course in good times and hard ones. But once you know why you care, why you must be healthy, your motivation literally provides the fuel for staying focused. Ask yourself why you must be healthy. Is it to live in God’s will? To have greater health and mental clarity? Or to be a great role model for someone you love? What’s your why?” Rick Warren

It sounds like we are moving back a few years but bear with me.  Read this again and think about how many ways this applies to our lives.

One of the essentials of life is focus!  Stop and think about it.  From learning to take our first step, to saying our first word, we have to focus.  Throughout every year of education, we need to focus.  When we start a career, a marriage, a family or anything that we want to succeed, we need to focus!

“You must start with why before you can begin with the how and what.”

So, why??  Why do you want to be healthy?  Why did you want to walk, talk, learn, succeed, be happy and make someone happy?  What is your ultimate goal?

When you know that goal, we have to determine “how”.   Just knowing we want to do something doesn’t get us to that goal.  We now know why but we have to determine how.  How do we accomplish what we desire?  If we really want something, it almost always requires something of us.  Go back to why.  Are we willing to put forth the effort that it may require?  Do we need to further our education or possibly get an attitude adjustment?  If we want it to happen, how hard are we willing to work for it?

Finally, determine exactly “what” you want.  You now have the tools – the focus, the “why” and the “how”, but now “what” do you want?

At this point in my life, my main goals are to be an example for my family and to please my Heavenly Father.  I fail at both too often but am so thankful that they all forgive me and love me anyway.

Giving all the glory to God.

Pray unceasingly!!