Happy Monday!

I read a post on Facebook recently that said ‘One of the most beautiful things we can do is to help one another.  Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.”

Someone replied “One of the most powerful things we can do for one another is to pray for them.  It doesn’t cost a thing.”

I replied “And just think of what can happen if you combine the beauty of kindness and the power of prayer!  It doesn’t cost a thing but its gift is priceless!”

A third person added “And what if you add love to the equation!”

It has stayed on my mind since that day.  It’s really simple.  Kindness, prayer and love.  If you put them all together and mix them up, it’s beautiful and doesn’t

cost a thing!

Can you imagine how differently the world would look if we would all just embrace those attributes?  What if we were to add forgiveness!  I found this little gem

Not so long ago when I needed it very badly:

“It took me a long time to understand what it meant to forgive somebody.  I always wondered how I could forgive someone who chose to hurt me?  But after a

lot of soul searching, I realized that forgiveness isn’t about accepting or excusing their behavior.  It’s about letting it go and preventing their behavior from

destroying my heart.”

While I realize that it’s wishing for a fairytale, the world would certainly be a better place!  Meanwhile, if we all make an effort in our little part of the world,

maybe we can still make a difference.

Be a little kinder than before, pray a little longer than usual and love, even when you don’t want to!  And then the costly one, because sometimes the price is a lot

of pride, forgive and never look back!

Pray Unceasingly!!