Happy Monday!

Have you noticed just how hard the enemy (that’s Satan) is working?  I can’t prove that he hasn’t worked this hard in the past but I know I see it more and more every single day.

He has perfected his craft.  Sometimes, he is subtle, so subtle that you may not even notice.  Other times he is in your face ugly and takes great joy in your misery.  You know the feeling, just about the time you think all is well again, he comes on full force.  He has no consideration, he will hurt us physically, mentally, and spiritually, then he goes after all those that we love.  You know that job that you love?  He would love to take that from you too.   ,

Is this story beginning to sound familiar?  The book of Job tells of a righteous man who faithfully responded to very difficult trials.  It brings to light really difficult questions about why we suffer and why we should trust God, no matter how unfair things seem.  Job was a prime example of Satan’s attack.  He literally lost everything.  His children, his wealth, and his health.  His friends were not helpful as they tried to convince Job that it had to be his actions that caused all this to happen. Job was relentless in his denial though and all he wanted was a direct audience with God.

As you know, God finally granted that wish.  Job’s complaint, of course, was that God has no reason for allowing all the evil things that have happened to him.

And God’s response was “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?” God asks, and forcibly reminds Job of how little he knows about the way the world is put together.

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me if you have understanding”

 Sometimes we need a reminder that God is still God.  Job finally concludes that wisdom belongs to God. No matter how hard we may try, our attempts to understand it are bound to fail.

The next time you are being attacked, think about Job.  Know that we don’t always understand what’s happening or why.  But God does.

Can we trust God to hold us in His hands?  The same God that created all the world, including us, holds us and loves us.

Pray Unceasingly!!