Happy Monday!

We have just returned home from vacation.  It was a little longer than normal and took some dips along the way.

Some changes to our plans had to take place but the vacation went forward.  After spending a couple of wonderful weeks with family, it was time to get ready to return home.

The morning that we left, I was thinking that it had been a wonderful visit but it’s time to head home.  That’s when it occurred to me that our life is that way.  We were never meant to remain on earth forever.  If we are really blessed, we will have had a wonderful time in our time here but it’s time to go home!  Home to be with Jesus and all of our loved ones who went ahead of us.  We will finally reach the climax of our earthly life and move on to our eternal life in Heaven!  I look forward to that glorious day! Maybe our homegoing will be natural or maybe Jesus will come to collect His bride and all believers will go together.

Will you be ready for that day?  The gate is narrow but so worth the trip.  I love family reunions and that will be the ultimate reunion!

Meanwhile, enjoy every day and follow God’s commands. Spread the word so others may go too.  Give God the glory for all you have and as always –

Pray Unceasingly!!