Happy Monday!

I have always said that God gave me direction with this weekly email.  I cannot even say what it has meant to me and I only hope it has added a glimmer of hope, joy, or inspiration to each of you at some point in time.  Like so many things though, there comes a time when you just don’t feel like this is the direction that God has in mind for you.  That time has come.  I have prayed about it and I feel like it’s time.  If you follow the church website, www.churchatnewsong.com I will still post on Lois’ Tidbits.

Please know that I love you all and appreciate your patience with me all these years.  I am always here if you need a shoulder or an ear.  You hold such a special place in my heart.  You will remain in my prayers, as you have been for all this time.  I also appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know.

Remember that throughout it all, no matter what is going on in your lives, God loves you and He is still in control.  There is a lot to be said for “Let go and let God!”

God bless you all and Pray Unceasingly!!

In His light,