Good morning!

Here we are, just a few days on the shady side of May.  I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes, it seems as if the past two months have flown by!  Other days, it’s as if it has been a surreal, slow motion dream. (Or nightmare, depending on your outlook)

I remember, as a kid, on May 1st, “May Day”, we would make paper baskets with handles and fill them with wildflowers for our mothers.  There was a May Pole with crepe paper streamers.  It was a time of innocence and actually getting to be a kid.  I miss those days.

Today, we are adults, no more paper baskets of flowers or May Poles.  We live in a new reality, especially right now.

One thing that I believe remains the same everywhere and all the time, is the need to know someone cares.  For some, that is taken for granted.  We are surrounded by family and friends, even if it virtual for now.

There are many others who are alone.  They have no family and they feel totally alone.  In times like these, this is especially hard because of the isolation.  Maybe, just maybe, if each of us reach out, in some small way, we could make a difference in someone’s life.  We can be the hands and feet of Jesus by showing compassion and love.

I challenge you this week to make a phone call, send a text, a card, or (gasp) write a letter!  We may know someone, but never really know what that person may be going through and just how badly they need to hear a voice, and even more, have an ear that will take the time to listen.  You may be the only person they talk to this week.

Tom Tebow says it well.

Pray Unceasingly!!



“Hey fam, I just wanted to share something that has been on my heart the past week or so… I hope it encourages & inspires you!

Right now in this time of uncertainty there are a lot of people hurting, a lot of people facing anxiety and a lot of people that feel alone.

Let’s not just say that we love people. Let’s not just quote Scripture. Let’s not just say we love the world. Let’s demonstrate it. God gave us the example, He demonstrated his love for us. Let’s demonstrate our love to the hurting people around us.

I know you can’t go around just hugging everybody and holding hands because of social distancing; but guys, you can send out texts to your family, friends or neighbors. You can pray for them and with them. You can send them food or gifts. You can connect through a Face Time or Zoom call. There’s something you can do right now to actively demonstrate your love for the people around you.

There’s a couple not far from where Demi & I live still recovering from COVID-19 that we’ve been friends with for a long time. We can’t go over there and give them hugs, we can’t really even bring them meals because of not trying to get too close; but we can send texts, we can encourage them, we can talk on the phone, we can Face Time with them, we can still let them know that they are loved, that they’re not alone… Even though sometimes they’re feeling alone.

Who is that person, who is that family, or the people in your life that you can demonstrate your love to right now? That’s my encouragement and that’s my motivation to you and to us today. Let’s demonstrate our love to people that need it. Every day we share the Gospel but every now and then we use words. Let’s share the Gospel with how we demonstrate our love for people.

God bless!”
Tim Tebow