Happy Monday!

This really hits home and I am ashamed to say I have been here.

I have been in situations where I called out – where are you God?!  I have begged and I have pleaded, but I forgot to ask God, what is YOUR will?  What do YOU want me to learn from this situation?

If God created me and the entire universe around me, how can I not get it through my head that He is my provider??  I see what I believe that I need right now, HE sees my entire life and eternity!  Sometimes what I think I need isn’t what God KNOWS is best for me.

Father, forgive my assumption that I might know more than You about what I need.  Lead me down the narrow path of YOUR truth!  Help me understand just how much You love me and want only the very best for me.  Thank you for Your provision and unconditional love.

In the precious name of Jesus,


Pray Unceasingly!!



Three Truths – Lysa Terkeurst

There are 3 truths we can remember when we’re facing a disappointment and questioning God’s goodness through it all:

1. God is our provider.2. God’s provision is always what we need but not always what we want.3. God’s provision protects our heart. Our desires have the potential of corrupting our heart.We might not understand why He does or doesn’t allow some things to happen. But, oh, sweet friend, may we choose to trust Him and let that be the lens through which we process our circumstances.May we see how God isn’t trying to break our hearts but rather make us ready for what He sees just ahead.