Happy and blessed Monday!

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The lights are going up, the carols are playing and all is good!

But, what if it isn’t good?  What if your world has changed in unimaginable ways but the rest of the world keeps spinning?  What if the person you have loved, shared with and depended on for many years is suddenly no longer there?  What if, while serving your country, one moment in time changed your present and future in just a blink of an eye?  What if your children leave to attend an event and never return home again?

Our lives can totally change very quickly and nothing will ever be the same.  In that time, it may feel like God has walked away because you just can’t see Him.  Your life may have become a cloud of grief and darkness.  Praise God though that even when we can’t see Him, He is still there!  The pain may have blinded us for a time but He is always there waiting for us.

Jesus came to earth, in human form, not just for us to celebrate, He came for those who are lost and weary, who are blinded by the pain.  He came for you, right here and right now, no matter where you are.  Jesus came in pursuit of the lost lamb, no matter how hurt and broken you are.  And that, my friends, is the heart of Christmas.

Pray Unceasingly!!



Lysa TerKeurst 

Have you ever walked through something so difficult, so terrifying, that you’ve caught yourself asking, “Jesus, where are You?”

Sometimes when life gets overwhelmingly hard or confusing, it can feel like our Messiah has gone missing.

But oh, how thankful I am that even when our storms cause us to lose sight of hope, Jesus never loses sight of us.

God’s not running from our messes. He’s climbing in to be right there with us. And with His presence comes peace.

In the midst of whatever hurts and heartbreaks are disrupting our peace, I pray we will see Him coming. We no longer have to cry out in fear; we can call out in faith. Calm and trusting. Anxious for nothing. Because we know. We know He sees us. We know He’s for us. We know He’s in control.

Yes. The Lord is near. And we are safe.