Have you ever noticed that when you go too long between meals, or eating anything, you feel really empty!  Not just the emptiness in your belly, but you feel empty of energy, empty of motivation and empty of clarity.   The same is true for our spirits.  If we never feed our spirit, there will be an empty hole, it will lack energy, motivation and clarity.  On the other hand, when we study the word, when we truly spend time with God, we are energized and feel fulfilled.  Just like our bodies, we need to satisfy the appetite in our spirit.  Fill it with good, healthy “food” that will nourish, enrich and make it grow.  Watch, as you feel more energized, more motivated and find you have the clarity needed to lead, guide or follow!

Sometimes, I tend to forget that God wants a two way communication, not just a one sided conversation of what I want.   Do you listen for what God wants us to hear from Him?  Do you ever just “Be still and know that I am God”?  Try taking some quiet time for reflective prayer.  Listen for that still, quiet voice, or maybe just a strong urge to do something that would help someone else.

May God fill you with all things pure and good today and every day!

Pray Unceasingly!

In His light,


Spiritual Food For Spiritual Strength


“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly.” (Colossians 3:16a NIV)

Just like you need physical food for physical strength, you need spiritual food for spiritual strength. The Bible describes itself as spiritual food — the water, milk, bread, and meat of our spiritual lives. It’s everything you need for sustenance.

If you were a construction contractor, you wouldn’t consider sending out a guy who hadn’t eaten anything in two weeks. If you were a commander in the Army, you wouldn’t send a person into battle who hadn’t eaten in a month. Right? We need to feed ourselves to have the strength to accomplish the tasks ahead of us.

You’re not going to have much success in winning the spiritual battles you face if you’re starving yourself to death. That’s why we need to feed ourselves on the Word of God.

Unlike eating physical food, whenever I feed on the Word, I get even hungrier. The more I taste and see how good God is, the more I want.

The Bible says in Colossians 3:16, “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly” (NIV). Paul is telling us to let the Bible take up residence in our lives in a rich, profound, and life-giving way.

So how do we feed ourselves on the Word of God and allow that to happen?

– Receive the Word with your ears. Commit yourself to go to church and listen to God’s Word being preached.

– Read the Word with your eyes. As I said, having a Bible in your house is not going to bless your life. You have to have the Bible in your heart.

– Research the Word with your hands and mouth. When studying the Word of God, keep a pencil in your hand. Write down what God teaches. Talk about what you’re discovering with other believers in a small-group environment.

– Reflect on the Word with your mind. Think about and chew on God’s Word.

– Remember the Word with your heart. You’ll rarely have a Bible with you when you need it. Commit God’s Word to memory.