Prayer is the Primary Work of God

Jesus Prayed in the Morning, in the evening, When He was kneeling and even when He was suffering on the cross. (Mark 1:35; Mat 6:46, 47; Luke 22:41, 23:42). He taught how to pray, in your closet, standing, believing, with two or more, for believers and for our enemies, (Mat 6:6-11; Mark 11:25; Mat 21:22, Mark 11:23, 24; Mat 18:19; Luke 22:32 Mat 5:43-45, Luke 22:32, 34, Mark). He interceded for us and in doing so He taught us to prayer for others, the church, in the Holy Spirit, and all of the above, (John 17, 14:16).

Truly Prayer is the link to God that keeps His work moving here on earth through those who believe and yield to His will. Jesus is the example to follow. He did His Father’s works, praying and watching in all things, whatsoever He did. (Devotionals, healing, casting out demons, teaching, in glory and in suffering, Jesus was here to fulfill His Father’s work and He did it with prayer).

If we can do nothing without Jesus, then we need to pray for His help in all things. Lord help me get out of bed and make it through this day and glorify You in all things today.

In Christ,