Happy Monday!

I am praising God for yet another day and soon to be, another month!  I’m not always as good as I should be at that.

No matter what is going wrong, we should be praising Him for all the things that are going right and when when they aren’t!

If it’s hard to find those things, look around and see the good things in our lives!

Do you have a family?  Praise God!

Do you have a home to come to? Praise God!

Do you have food to eat? Praise God!

Do you have a sweet and loyal pet? Praise God!

Are you free to attend a church of your choice? Praise God!

Are you free to worship God? Praise God!

There ae so many things every single day that we overlook.  Sometimes, we just take them for granted.  Make it a habit to look around you every day and see how much we have to praise Him for!

Pray Unceasingly!!



 Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah 

Praising God in tough situations isn’t always easy; it takes practice to praise God when we are having a bad day or week or month. But we can and should keep practicing! The next time you have a difficult day or face a tough situation, think of one thing you can praise God for. Maybe you can praise Him for a delicious sandwich at lunch or a yummy pizza for dinner. Maybe you can praise Him for the colorful flowers in your backyard or a good friend to talk to. Maybe you can praise Him for family who loves you and cares for you. The key is to look for one thing, no matter how small, to praise God for and then pray to Him and thank Him for that. The more you do this, the more things you will find to praise God for, no matter how your day is going!