Happy, blessed Monday!

I have been thinking a lot lately about how my life has changed throughout the years.  I have no idea how I got to be my age so quickly, I was really young such a short time ago, wasn’t I?  It sure seems like it anyway.

I really like to think I have gotten much wiser.  I have lived through a lot of positives and negatives and somehow, survived.

I have gained and lost, then regained, Lord only knows how many pounds in my life and still face that struggle again.  I know what I need to do and even know how I should do it but still, fight that battle every.single.day.  I am strong enough to know that I have to do this again and weak enough to know how much I miss “my people”.  Those who stood with me and fought with me for, literally, years.

What I do have consistently, every.single.day, is a faith in a God who is big enough to handle anything I can throw at him.  It’s a piece of cake for Him but the problem arises in what I make it.

My problems are so trivial compared to so many that I pray for every day, but I feel like I fail at the simple stewardship of my own body.

There is a lot of things going on that threatens to steal our peace and security that we have in a relationship with Jesus.  I pray that, this week, no matter how chaotic life may get, that we keep calm, productive thoughts in our minds.  Peace doesn’t mean there are no issues or hard realities to face.  Peace means being able to face any of those things with the assurance that Jesus will be walking right along with you to help you through it.

Pray Unceasingly!!