Happy and blessed Monday! 

 Here we are, into the final quarter of 2021!  The busiest time of the year is almost upon us. 

 With that comes a lot of stress and tension.  With stress and tension, it is very easy for the negative thought process to start.  Soon, everything changes.  Thought patterns, what we feel internally and what comes out of our mouths.  Suddenly, what is the busiest time of year and what should be a joyful time of year, becomes just another thing you struggle to get through. 

 So, what do you do with all of that?   

 I am not downplaying the stress that you may feel but I do think that when it becomes bad, we need to reevaluate our values and our priorities.   

Where is the stress coming from?  

(1) Is it lack of time? 

(2) Is it finances? 

(3) Is it family/friend pressure? 

 What do we do about it? 

  1. Are we doing what is necessary or what others pressure us to do? 
  2. Is it NEED or is it want?   
  3. Refer to #1.   

Always remember to straighten your crown and go to your Father.  Don’t just lean on your own capabilities, lean on the Father who defines what is possible!  Remember, you are chosen, forgiven and given a fresh start every single day!

And always:

Pray Unceasingly!!


Lysa TerKeurst

Sometimes negative thoughts get stuck in my mind’s filter. Do you struggle with this too?

One by one, these thoughts seem benign. But piled on top of another, they start to form a faulty filter that taint and clog everything.

Suddenly my attitude grows a little sour, my heart a little cold, my desire to be around others diminishes, and my prayers become canned obligatory statements to God.

I need a fresh wind. I need to let God peel away the layers of untruths. I need an encounter with Him. I need His reminders:

– even when I feel uninvited by others, I am chosen by Him.

– even when I feel terrible about the mistakes I made yesterday, I am forgiven and given the gift of a fresh start today.

– even when I want to lash out at those who hurt me, I am given grace and the ability to extend grace.

– even when I question my abilities to fulfill the tasks set before me, I am reminded to stop depending on myself.

– even when I wonder, “am I really pleasing You, God?” I am covered by a love so lavish it really has nothing to do with my performance at all.

Yes, we are chosen, forgiven, given grace, reminded and covered with His love. What a gift Jesus really is.