It’s Memorial Day.

I know it’s a day off from work for many, a three day weekend, just calling for a camping trip and a perfect day for having friends over to grill hamburgers and hot dogs or barbeque something.  I don’t blame you!

I do, however ask you to take a little time and contemplate what the holiday really means. Here’s a few statistics to ponder on:


War                                                        Time Period                                                  American Deaths

Civil War                                                 1861-1865                                                    620,000

World War 1                                          1917-1918                                                    116,516

World War 2                                          1939-1945                                                    405,399

Korean War                                            1950-1953                                                      40,000

Vietnam                                                   1965-1973                                                     58,209

Gulf War                                                  1990-1991                                                        1,143

Iraq/Afghanistan                                    2001-2018                                                        7,000

September 11                                               2001                                                            2,970

Law Enforcement                                         2020                                                               264

1,251,501 deaths in the line of duty.

All gave some.  Some gave all.

Obviously, this is an abbreviated list of the wars Americans have fought in.  It was enough to make me step back and really think about why I was grilling those hot dogs though.

There are many other unsung heroes that have been lost in the line of duty too.  The armies of God, including missionaries, pastors and ordinary people doing extraordinary things to serve others.

All gave some.  Some gave all.

While we are contemplating, we need to remember the most famous sacrifice of all, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He willing gave His life for all of humanity.  For you and for me.

Pray Unceasingly!!