Happy Monday!

Can you believe it?? Eleven days until Christmas.  Then you know what sneaks up on us?  A brand new year!  I am praying now for 2021!

In my contemplation of my favorite Christmas songs, I have to use one of my all-time favorites.  “Mary Did You Know”.  This song brings me to tears.

I think back to when my children were babies.  The pure joy of holding them in my arms and kissing their tiny, soft faces.  The overwhelming awe of their creation and a love that was so tremendous that I thought I would burst!

Every year when I listen to this song, I can’t imagine being visited by an angel, as a very young girl!  But then – the news the angel delivered!  What went through her mind, even more so because she was pledged to marry Joseph!

But her faith carried her through.  No matter how terrifying and unimaginable it was, her faith still carried her through and God’s plan was achieved.

The really breathtaking part is still to come though.

Mary had already been told what a special child she would give birth to, but I wonder if it had really sunk in.  Did she fully understand she would be mother to the savior of the world?  As she held Jesus in her arms, did she know the baby she delivered would deliver her?  Did she understand the power that He would have?  Did she have any inkling that this perfect little baby boy was heaven’s perfect lamb?  I don’t believe she knew He was also going to be the perfect sacrifice to save the world…as she held this beautiful little boy in her arms, touched His dewy skin and kissed those precious cheeks, did she remember she was kissing the face of God?  That takes my breath away!

I think of Mary holding Jesus in her arms and now, He holds us in His arms!  If that doesn’t take your breath away, nothing will!  He is King of kings and Lord of Lords! He is our everything!  That is still hard for me to comprehend.

Pray Unceasingly!!