Good morning and I hope yours is blessed!

Do you feel blessed?  Or have the burdens of the world landed on your shoulders?

If you have the TV on for more than a few minutes a day, I can almost guarantee that some of those burdens are weighing you down.  I just turned mine on for the weather report and instead got all the latest details on yet another shooting.

I guess we need to know what’s going on, but is anyone else just getting tired?  Tired of the violence, the ignorance, the hate, the political bickering, the virus and the unbelievable obnoxiousness and sensationalism of the media.

One thing you don’t see, unless you go digging for it, is the good things that are happening.  Groups of people coming together to clean up the messes left by the ones who are doing their best to destroy everything they can get to, even if it’s their own neighborhood.  Groups of people and individuals who purposely stop and pray for our law enforcement officers and other first responders.  Groups of people and individuals who provide food, coffee and supplies for the previously mentioned, along with healthcare workers who have worked seemingly never ending shifts and just want to go home and be with their families.  Groups of people who are petitioning God for mercy, restoration and revival for our country.

You don’t see a lot of that on the news.  Instead they wear us down with everything bad and sad.

Do you feel blessed?

Do you have a place to live, food to eat and a TV to watch, if you so choose?

I am blessed beyond measure!  It is my option to watch all the bad or better yet, to NOT watch it.  I choose to help when I can and pray unceasingly!  I choose to be happy.

You know how I love my lyrics and this song has been a standby for me since the first time I heard it.  I need it every day and it reminds me where my strength comes from.  This is the first two verses and chorus.  I pray you are all blessed by it too.

Pray Unceasingly!!


Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher


Lord, I come, I confess                                                             Where sin runs deep Your grace is more
Bowing here I find my rest                                                      Where grace is found is where You are
Without You I fall apart                                                           Where You are, Lord, I am free
You’re the One that guides my heart                                    Holiness is Christ in me


Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
Every hour I need You
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God, how I need You