Happy and blessed Monday!

I really like the following blog post.  I believe it is something we have all experienced.

BUT… what if the pain and hurt is with someone else?  And their pain becomes your pain.

I have also found myself with this struggle.  My heart is convicted for their pain, even though I know, with absolute certainty, that this battle is between them and God, with Satan, and his groupies, on the sidelines as the cheering squad.

For the past MANY or so years, I have become a “doer”.   I want to fix things, I want everyone to be happy and loved, and yeah, I want the world to be a better place.  Then reality smacks you in the face again and “all” I can do is pray.

First let me tell you about “all I can do is pray”.   It is absolutely the most important thing any of us can do!!  Pray for God’s intercession and His perfect will!  it seems we say that a lot without thinking and it almost makes it sound minimized, like a last, hopeless resort.  I don’t know about you but I will always believe God hears our prayers!  Sometimes, the answer won’t be what we hoped for but that, my friend, is where faith comes in.  Faith that God is our creator, Savior and great I AM!  Believing that He sees the big picture and always knows what is best, even when we don’t understand.  SO, when I say “all I can do is pray”, know that I am fervently asking for grace and mercy.  I am begging God for healing, for peace, for love, all according to His perfect will.  And, understanding, on my part, there are things I am not meant to do, even as a “doer”.

I don’t know if the world will ever be a better place again, but God does.  Unfortunately, there are those people who will never be happy or feel loved.  What I DO know is that no matter what, God loves us and if we accept that love with an open heart, OUR world will be a better place!  So, no matter what,

Pray Unceasingly!!



Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How can a good God let this happen?”

 When something happens in my life that catches me off guard with pain and hurt, it’s hard to see that it could be part of a bigger plan to bring about something good. I want comfort. I want relief. I want the hardship to go away.

 Have you ever been there? It can be so tempting to look at the hardships of life through the lens of disillusionment and disappointment, but there is another lens we can use …


 No matter what happens, I want to stand on the truth that God deeply loves me. His love is a certainty above every circumstance.

 Lysa Terkeurst