Happy Monday!

As some of you know,  my family has a host of health situations.  Currently, I have one nephew who is battling bone cancer, another nephew who had back surgery this past week and is now battling an infection and a sister whose spine has deteriorated to the point that if they try to do surgery, there is a high risk of paralysis.  She is having a pain pump implanted (automatic morphine doses) as a last resort.  We covet your prayers!

Prayers are being answered!  Kathleen Miller had a stent put into her pancreas.  That is SO much better than the whipple surgery!  She will have to have the stent replaced every 2-3 months, so continue to pray for her healing.

The point of all of this information is the point of this group.  Some things are just going to happen, BUT many things can be avoided or reversed by changes to our lifestyle.  What we eat affects every process that our body goes through.  It is the most effective and economical  thing we can do to protect ourselves from illness.

Have you been to the “farmacy” lately?  Do you nourish your body at every meal or just your appetite?  There is a difference!

Pray Unceasingly!!

In His light,