Happy Monday!

I have been reminded this past week, once again, how easily I take for granted the things I normally do.

The majority of my family lives more than 1000 miles from me.  As much as I love being close to my younger daughter, it is very hard being so far away from my first born daughter and those grandchildren, along with my siblings and extended family.

With the year 2020, being what it is, our usual family reunion simply didn’t happen.  Finally, this past week we decided the time had come and we were going!  It was a wonderful week with the daughter and her family and I had a super mini reunion with other family members.  For good measure, we were able to visit dear friends along the way too.  As we grow older, this means more every year!

Another milestone was actually eating in a restaurant for the first time in 8 months!  My daughter assured me that they took super precautions and I was thrilled to learn they really did!  I felt very comfortable being there.

We really enjoyed the fall weather, picking out pumpkins and mums, and buying fresh picked apples.  We were able to visit Amish country, which has a lot of sentimental meaning to me and I loved taking pictures of field upon field of sunflowers, even though they were a little past peak.

Covid or not, God remains the same!  He gave me glimpses of such beauty while there and reminded me just how very much my family means to me and how much I miss them.  It is only through God’s grace that we were able to make this trip and have a wonderful time.

I pray that as we all continue to navigate our way through this difficult year, we remember how much the ordinary, simple pleasures mean to us.  I pray we never take for granted our families or God’s creation!  It is in the simple things that we find the greatest beauty and the people that have always been there for us that we find the greatest love!

Pray Unceasingly!!