Happy and Grateful Monday!

 “What if the only thing you had today is what you thanked God for yesterday?”

Just sit and chew on that for awhile.  Have we become complacent with our gratitude?  It’s so easy to do.  We have all of these blessings, even with the trials, but all we can think about are the trials.  What happens when all we think about are negative things?  Our attitudes become negative and we end up being miserable and usually make everyone around us miserable too.

Maybe, it’s time for a game plan.  Write it down and do it.

What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?  It only takes a minute to say, ”Thank you Lord, for this new day!  Thank you for waking me up and giving me the opportunity to serve you again.”  If you eat breakfast, thank Him for the food, many have none.  If you work, thank Him for that ability.  If you are retired, thank Him for this time of life where you can rest or serve Him in a different manner.  If you have a family at home, please thank Him for that!  What a priceless blessing!  The point is to actually see your blessings and be thankful for them!

Today, and every day, I thank God for each of you for tolerating me all of these years.  You have blessed me in so many ways.  I thank God for very special relationships that have come from this group.  I have been blessed with a loving, supportive family.  We are allowed to be stewards of a home that we only thought would be in our dreams.  We have a church family whom we love and the list goes on and on.

Is every day perfect?  Hardly!  Every day is still a blessing though and I will give thanks with a grateful heart.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pray Unceasingly!!