Happy, Blessed Monday!

Here we are, only days from Christmas.  Are you ready?

There is always the business of Christmas with shopping, wrapping and cooking, But there’s so much more!

Immanuel, “God with us” has come.

This is what started it all.  The shepherds, the kings, nor the angels were called to celebrate the coming of old St. Nick, but instead, a tiny baby boy born to peasants!  They came to bow down and celebrate His much-anticipated arrival!  This tiny boy who would change the world!

This coming had been watched for over many centuries, many probably gave up waiting.  That’s the way waiting is sometimes though.  We are an impatient group of humans.  We want it and we want it now.

Once again, we wait.  We wait for the second coming.  This time, Jesus will come for His bride.  Are you ready?

Pray Unceasingly!!



A Prayer For Peace – YouVersion

Know God, Find Peace
Imagine you’re a shepherd in first century Bethlehem. Sheep surround you, but others won’t because of your work, your clothes, and your status.
For generations your family has said, “God has promised that it’s going to get better.” But you’re beginning to wonder: “is that really true?” Then one night everything changes. An angel appears and tells you that a Savior has been born.
Immanuel, “God with us” has come.
One day, this same child will take on the weight of all our wrongdoing by dying on a cross. And because of His sacrifice, we’re invited to live peacefully with God at all times, in all circumstances. So right now, let’s thank Jesus for His sacrifice and the peace we have because of Him.
A Prayer for Peace


Even when my life feels chaotic, I can experience Your peace because of what Jesus did on the cross. Thank You for making this possible by sending us Your Son! He has made a way for us to know and experience You.
Even when life feels out of control, I can cling to the truth that Your peace isn’t based on my feelings or circumstances—but on Your character and faithfulness.
When I don’t feel at peace, please make Your presence known to me. Remind me that You’re in control. Give me Your strength and comfort when the world feels unsafe. Protect my heart and mind from the weight of my feelings and thoughts.
Allow me to sense Your presence, and to live with confidence that You are always near. Let my life be an example of Your peace that surpasses understanding.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.