“It is finished”

Is it?  Is it really?  Our Savior, Jesus Christ, fulfilled what He came to this earth for.  He made the ultimate sacrifice and died a horrific death because He loved us.  Not just the disciples, or even all the people that He met and dealt with in every capacity then, but us.  Thousands of years later.  His sacrifice was for all of mankind.

 That brings me back to the question, is it finished?  If He made that kind of sacrifice for us, is that it?

 Disclaimer:  This is the opinion of me and me only.  I have no theological background for this opinion, other than my heart.

 I feel that even though Jesus’ earthly mission was finished, ours just began.   Our mission is to spread the word of God and be an example of His unconditional love.   And did you know that unconditional means that we don’t get to choose according to race, creed or the paycheck we bring in.  It means that we Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Mark 12:31 excerpt.

 Sometimes, I fail at this.  Sometimes, I make judgements that I shouldn’t make. Judgements that I have no right whatsoever to make.  When I do this, all I can do is ask for forgiveness, once again, and try to do better.

 So, can you shed the old habits and move on to your new life?  Can you rest in the arms of the One who made you anew?

 Father I thank you.  Thank you for the supreme sacrifice you made and the unconditional love you give me, no matter how little I deserve it. Help me follow in the path You have planned for me and not the erratic trail I sometimes travel down.  Help me to love as unconditionally as You would have me love, the way you love me.

 Pray unceasingly!

 In His light,



A New Life

The Daniel Plan

 “If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”  – 2 Corinthians 5:17

 How great is a life in Christ! Our old life has passed away and a new life has begun. We’re free of regrets, so we can move forward from the past into a new future that God has waiting for us. We need to reframe our thoughts around this idea of our new identity in Christ, that we are a new person.

Do you experience yourself as a new person, or do old habits cling to you?

Let the past go. Your new life has begun.

 In 1 Thessalonians 1:4, God says you are his chosen one, dearly loved.

Do you live like a chosen and dearly loved person? Does that fill your mind so that it affects your emotions and choices? If not, meditate on 1 Thessalonians 1:4. Let it sink into your mind right now.

 Food for Thought: You are a new person. You belong to Christ; he chose you and dearly loves you.