Becoming aware.

Reality check.

Have you every stayed up all night? Maybe you were star gazing or out with friends. Then you become aware that the darkness of the night becomes lessened by the light of the sun as it rises. The world can be such a dark place where you may get caught up in the fads of the culture. You may be staring out into the world’s plethora of mind boggling technology, arts and events. But one day the word of God begins to enlighten you, and you begin to see the truth and as you grow into the maturity of God’s word.  You begin to see that it is not only about you. You become aware that you affect others around you and their eternal souls. You become aware of a new responsibility “For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself” (Romans 14:7 MKJV). What you do affects others and their eternal destiny. Are you living in such a way that others will end up in heaven or…?

In Christ,