Waiting on God

Waiting on God. Do you ever find yourself waiting on God? What does that look like?

Maybe in an unanswered prayer for guidance or someone’s salvations or even healing. We need to check our attitude with His word and not the word with our attitude. Our attitude should be in line with God’s word. Lord, I know You are sovereign and this is Your providence, therefore all things work together for my good. This is an attitude of surrender and dependence on our loving Father. The opposite would be “God, I am Your child and I want this to happen right now because I need it to be happy.”  There is a battlefield of the soul here because attitudes arise and cause conflict with your spirit. The conflict is of my will and not Thy will be done. When your attitude says I, I, I, I want or I need and you do not receive, then doubt and mistrust move in to steal the joy, peace and love of God from you. Attitudes produce thoughts, thoughts make up reasons, and reasons produce actions, actions produce rewards or consequences which bring an attitude of joy or disappointment and you are right back where you started with an attitude. It’s a circle which can only be broken by putting God on the throne of your heart instead of self. Wait upon the Lord and trust that He knows best.

We need to get into the presence of God while waiting for direction and say Speak Lord, and then listen… As we listen and begin to hear God’s still small voice in our hearts, His voice will be more familiar and we will begin to trust in His voice.

Pray, LORD speak to me and let my spirit be open to Your voice. Let me hear You my God and become a faithful servant. Father help me follow Your voice and instruction so I may be in the center of Your will. Thy will be done. I believe in You and that You are sovereign in my life. I surrender to Your providence and sovereignty. Help me to wait for Your will with an attitude of gratitude and be content in Your love, joy and peace, In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

In Christ,