Happy Monday!

We are in full blown Christmas season now.  So much busyness!  So many things to do and so many places to go!  Well, maybe not as many places to go as in past Christmas seasons…  There is shopping to do and food to cook and cleaning to be done, oh my!

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the season and forget what started it all.  A tiny baby, come to save the world.

I was listening to O Come All Ye Faithful on the radio yesterday.   I wonder – are we always faithful when we get tangled up in glitter and wrapping paper?  Do we keep Jesus at the top of the priority list?  Even if we do, do we do it with joy and triumph?  Do we really take the time to behold Him, the one that is the King over all?  Do we adore Him?

Next two paragraphs borrowed from Facebook.

“Come as a Child Is there anything more exciting than being a child on Christmas morning? And yet this is what God asks of us each day, to change and become like little children. Not just on Christmas, but each day approaching our Father, God as a child, with excited anticipation of His goodness, and humbly trusting Him that every need will be met and every care will be under His control.”

“Jesus born as a Baby.  Preached as a child.  Killed as a man.  Arose as a Victor.  Coming back as a King !
He is coming back!
Are you ready?”

Pray Unceasingly!!