New Year’s Resolutions

It always comes about, the question that is, “What is your New Year’s resolution?” Many have good intentions or even desire to do and keep a New Year’s resolution but are they attainable? I learned many years ago it was not worth it to me to make a New Year’s resolution unless I was going to be able to keep it.

Many want to exercise or to get back into shape. The first question is, “Do I have the time or will I make the time to do it?” It is a commitment. Many gyms see this surge at the beginning of every New Year and within a couple of months or even weeks it thins out and goes back to the normal attendance.

I have made two resolutions. One in 1989/1990 and the other in 1998/1999. The first was to quit smoking. I only faltered once since as I smoked a whole cigarette almost eight years later. The other one was to go to church every Sunday for that next year without missing a Sunday. I almost did it. I missed two Sundays. One was due to a hurricane and the other was to pay my respects to my Grandmother after she passed on. I am still going to church and rarely miss a Sunday.

So don’t be dismayed, think about a new resolution and plan it out to make sure the it is attainable. Maybe it’s time for a revival. It starts with you. Revival is spending more time with God to revive your spiritual life with God. In doing so you can help others. When someone sees your new spiritual glow they too may want to revive their spiritual life and so on. This is what revival is all about. Getting closer to God attracts others to get closer to God. Revival is a renewing of one’s spirit. Now that is something worth making a resolution about.

In Christ,