Testing of Faith

How is your faith? When we first believed, we had the faith of a mustard seed. It was enough to open the door to Jesus and the good news. It was saving faith. Many times, new believers seem to receive answered prayer for everything they prayed for. The results are an increase in faith and belief in God, and not only God, but that He is real and able to do what the Bible says. When we were babes in Christ, answered prayed was like God the Father holding our hand, so if we were to stumble, He was right there to pick us up. After a while, just like in natural growth, He lets go of our hands so we can begin to walk in confidence. Sometimes, we take off in the wrong direction and we end up on the ground crying out to God, Where are You? These are experiences which are necessary too. They are here to strengthen our faith and to get us to look to Jesus instead of looking at ourselves. We sometimes become so independent that we fall right back into I,I,I did this or that. Pride comes before a fall, the Bible says. So faith, by its very nature, must be tried and the real test of faith comes when you decide, “Am I going to trust God no matter what?” or am I going to give up and say, “There must not be a God.”

Job is our example. He even got to the point of saying, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”  Is this where your faith is today? Can you say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”?

There are trails of faith which will come which contradicts everything about God and His character. Will you still remain true to Him? Remember your spiritual markers in times like this. I remember when… and God pulled me through and because of that my faith is stronger. How do you think Job felt after receiving double of everything he lost in the end? I believe he knew that God is good and blesses those who trust in Him even though He may slay me…

In Christ,