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Our God Is… We Are…

Our God Is…

Love 1Jo 4:16
Spirit Jhn 4:24
The Holy One Psa 16:10
The I Am Jhn 8:58
Yahweh Exd 6:3
The Alpha & Omega, The Beginning & End Rev 1:8
God Almighty Exd 6:3
A Miracle Working God Gal 3:5
The Creator of the World Jhn 1:3
Calling Things That Be Not As Though they Were Rom 4:17
Infinite 1Ki 8:27
All Powerful Jer 32:17, 27
All Knowing 1Jo 3:20
Ever Present Psa 139:1, 13
Unchangeable Num 23:19
Jehovah Psa 83:18
A Covenant Making God Hbr 10:16
The Everlasting Father Isa 9:6
A Father of Lights Jam 1:17
A Father of Mercies & God of All Comfort 2Co 1:3
The Author of Salvation Hbr 2:10
Full of Power Rom 13:1
A God Who Raises the Dead 2Co 1:9
A Quickening Spirit 1Co 15:45
Mighty to Save Isa 63:1
Our Maker Isa 54:5
Our God Is…
Our Heavenly Father Mat 6
The Justifier of the One Who Has Faith in Jesus Rom 3:26
Meeting Our Needs through Jesus Phl 4:19
Giving Us the Peace that Surpasses Understanding Phl 4:7
Jesus of Nazareth Jhn 19:19
The Door of the Sheep Jhn 10
The Way, Truth & Life Jhn 14:6
The Prince of Peace Isa 9:6
The King of Kings & Lord of Lords Rev 17:14
The Lamb of God Rev 5:6
The Bread of Life Jhn 6:48-58
The Bright & Morning Star Rev 22:16
The Light of the World Jhn 8:12
Immanuel Isa 7:14
Wonderful Counselor Isa 9:6
The Great Shepherd of the Sheep Hbr 13:20
The Head of the Church Eph 1:22
Jesus Mat 1:21
The Same Yesterday, Today & Forever Hbr 13:8
Our All Sufficiency 2Co 3:5
The Word Jhn 1:1
Dwelling in Us 2Co 6:16
Easily Touched Hbr 4:15
Faithful & True Rev 19:11
A Sure Foundation Isa 28:16
Upholding All things by the Word of His Power Hbr 1:3
Watching Over His Word to Perform It Jer 1:12
A Rewarder of Those Who Diligently Seek Him Hbr 11:6
No Respecter of Persons Act 10:34
The True Light Jhn 1:9
The Author & Finisher of Our Faith Hbr 12:2
Mediator of the New Covenant Hbr 9:15
The Truth Jhn 14:6
Working in Us Hbr 13:21
Our God Is…
Greater in Us Than He That Is in the World 1Jo 4:4
Unto Us Wisdom, Sanctification & Redemption 2Co 1:30
For Us Rom 8:31
Never Leaving Us or Forsaking Us Hbr 13:5
Always Leading Us in Triumph in Christ 2Co 2:14
Faithful Over His House Hbr 3:1-6
Ruler of the Kings of the Earth Rev 1:5
Our Lord & Our God Jhn 20:28
Our Life Jhn 11:25-26
Our Savior Luk 2:11
Our Redeemer Isa 48:17
Our Teacher Mat 28:18
Our Healer Isa 53:5
Our Deliverer Rom 11:20
Our Resurrection Jhn 11:25
Our Justification Rom 3:26
Our Strength Phl 4:13
Our Righteousness 1Co 1:30
Our Peace Eph 2:14
Our Advocate 1Jo 2:1
Our Faithful High Priest Hbr 9:11; 10:21
Our Bridegroom Mat 9:15
Our Hope of Glory Col 1:27
Pleased to Give Us the Kingdom Luk 12:32
Equipping Us Eph 4:11-16
Giving Us Revelation Knowledge 1Co 2:10-13
Giving Us the Keys to the Kingdom Mat 16:19
Giving Us His Name Mar 16:17-18
Giving Us the HOLY SPIRIT Luk 11:13; Act 2:38-39
Anointing Us for Service 1Jo 2:20
Filling Us With Wisdom & Spiritual Understanding Eph 1:17
Giving Us His Armour Eph 6:10-18
Providing Us Angels Hbr 1:14
Our God Is…
Faithful to Complete the Work He Began in Us Phl 1:6
Rich in Mercy Psa 136
Teaching Us How to Profit,
Leading Us in the Way We Should Go
Isa 48:17
Giving Us All Things to Enjoy 1Ti 6:17
Saying Well Done My Good & Faithful Servants Mat 25:21
Receiving All the Glory 1Co 10:31
Worthy of Praise Psa 18:3
Saying to Everyone, “Surely I Am Coming Quickly.” Amen Rev 22:20
We Are…
Loved by God Jhn 3:16
Forgiven Col 1:14
Confessing the Lordship of Jesus Over Our Lives Phl 2:11
Saved by Grace through Faith Eph 2:8
Loving God with All of our Hearts, Souls & Minds Mat 22:37
Born Again Children of God Rom 8:16
Delivered from the Powers of Darkness Col 1:13
Redeemed from the Hands of the Enemy Psa 107:2
Called with a Holy Calling 2Ti 1:9
Created in His Image Rom 8:29
Not of This World Jhn 17:16
Of God’s Household of Faith Gal 6:10
In Love with God 1Jo 4:19
Seeking First His Kingdom & Righteousness Mat 6:33
Abiding in His Love 1Jo 4:16
Healed by His Stripes 1Pe 2:24
Free from Fear 1Jo 4:18
Crowned with His Loving Kindness & Tender Mercies Psa 103
Redeemed from the Curse of the Law Gal 3:13
Free from the Law of Sin & Death Rom 8:32
Heirs of Eternal Life 1Jo 5:11-12
Heirs to the Blessings of Abraham Gal 3:14
Heirs of God & Joint Heirs with Jesus Rom 8:17
Blessed with All Spiritual Blessings Eph 1:3
We Are…
His Workmanship Created in Christ Jesus Eph.2:10
Strong in the Grace That Is in Christ Jesus 2Ti 2:1
In Right-standing with God 2Co 5:21
Established in Righteousness Isa 54:14
Living in His Kingdom Col 1:13
Humbling Ourselves, Casting All Cares Upon Jesus 1Pe 5:6-7
Getting Our Needs Met by Jesus Phl 4:19
Able to Be Partakers of the inheritance,
Giving Thanks to the Father
Col 1:12
Studying to Show Ourselves Approved of God 2Ti 2:15
Awakening to Righteousness & Sinning Not 1Co 15:34
Commended to God & the Word of His Grace
Which Is Able to Build Us Up
Act 20:32
Believing God’s Word Mar 13:31
Blessed Because We Hear the Word of God And Keep It Luk 11:28
Abiding in Jesus & His Words Abide in Us Jhn 15:7
Always Meditating on God’s Word Jos 1:8
Living by Every Word That Proceeds from God Mat 4:4
Rooted & Built Up in Him & Established in the Faith Col 2:6-7
Building Our House Upon the Rock Mat 7:24-25
Being Transformed by the Renewing of Our Minds Rom 12:2
Increasing in the Knowledge of God Col 1:10
Letting His Truth Set Us Free Jhn 8:32, 36
Covenanted to God Hbr 8:6, 10
Filled with All Joy & Peace in Believing Rom 15:13
Doers of the Word Jam 1:22
Sons & Daughters of God Gal 3:26
The Body of Christ Eph 1:22-23
Laborers together with God 1Co 3:9
Servants of the Most High Act 16:17
Having the Mind of Christ Phl 2:5
Walking in Newness of Life Rom 6:4
Led by His Spirit Rom 8:14
Trusting in the Lord Acknowledging Him in All Our Ways Pro 3:5-6
We Are…
Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ Gal 3:27
Partakers of His Divine Nature 2Pe 1:4
Walking with Love & Living by Faith 1Co 13 & Rom 1:17
Predestined to Be Conformed to His Image Rom 8:29
Pressing on to His High Calling Phl 3:14
Allowing the Greater One to Dwell in Us 1Jo 4:4
Letting Our Request Be Known to God Phl 4:6
Asking in the Name of Jesus Jhn 15:16
Receiving the Request We’ve Asked For Mar 11:24
Receiving All the Promises of God 2Co 1:20
Fully Convinced That What God Has Promised
He Is Able to Perform
Rom 4:21
Believers Mar 9:23
Abiding in His Rest Hbr 4:3
Walking & Acting Like the Word Is True Jam 2:17-18
Holding Fast Our Confidence Which Has Great Reward Hbr 10:35
The Elect of God Col 3:12
Filled with the Holy Spirit Act 2:4, 39
Complete in Him Col 2:10
Going in His Name Mar 16:15-18
Strong in the Lord & in the Power of His Might Eph 6:10
Filled with the Knowledge of His Will in All Wisdom
& Spiritual Understanding
Col 1:9
Not Moved by What We See Rom 4:19
Strong in Faith, Giving Glory to God,
Not Wavering with Doubt or Unbelief
Rom 4:20
Imitators of Jesus Eph 5:1
Walking As He Walked 1Jo 2:6
Praying without Ceasing 1Th 5:17
Walking by Faith Not by Sight 2Co 5:7
Casting Down Vain Imaginations,
Bringing Every Thought into Captivity to God’s Word
2Co 10:4-5
Holding Fast Our Confession of Faith Hbr 10:23
Fighting the Good Fight of Faith 1Ti 6:17
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We Are…
Reigning in Life Rom 5:17
Exercising Our Faith & Patience Hbr 6:12
Considering Jesus, the Apostle & High Priest
of Our Confession
Hbr 3:1
Observing & Doing the Lords Commandments Jhn 14:21
Putting on Love Col 3:14
Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves Mat 22:39
Walking in the Wisdom of God Jam 1:5
Kings & Priest Rev 1:6
Givers Luk 6:38
Intercessors 1Ti 2:1
Wearing God’s Armour Eph 6:10-18
Doing All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Us Phl 4:13
Daily Overcoming the Devil 1Jo 4:4
More Than Conquerors Rom 8:37
Overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb
& the Word of Our Testimonies
Rev 12:11
Exercising Our Authority Over the Enemy Luk 10:19
Destroying the Works of the Devil 1Jo 3:8
Convinced That Nothing Can Separate Us
from the Love of God
Rom 8:35-39
In Everything Giving Thanks 1Th 5:18
Establishing God’s Word Here on the Earth Mat 16:19
Receiving Abundantly, Above All We Ask or Think Eph 3:20
Walking Worthy of the Lord Col 1:10
Telling Everyone about Jesus Rom 16:25
Thinking on these Things Phl 4:8
Giving God All the Glory Rom 16:27
Blessing the Lord at All Times.
Continually Praising the Lord with Our Mouths
Psa 34:1
Definitely Looking For His Soon Return 1Th 4:15-18