A Sanctuary for Me

And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. (Exodus 25:8 KJV)

God told Moses, “Have them make a sanctuary for Me”. God wanted to dwell with them. God wanted His presence known to the Hebrews as they walked through the desert. He wanted to live with them every day.

Can you imagine seeing God’s tabernacle every day? The tabernacle changed the atmosphere. It would be a checking station. Am I walking with God today in word, thought, and deed? And what about the non-believers that saw the tabernacle? It was a chance to tell them about the true and living God.

So, have you prepared a sanctuary for God? When we first accepted Jesus into our hearts we asked for forgiveness and He cleansed us from all unrighteous. He dwells in our hearts. The sanctuary within you. It is not as obvious as the tabernacle that was physically in view for the Hebrews, an ever present reminder of God’s presence. The Levites would have to take care of the tabernacle on a daily basis and when they were told to move the Levites would have to pack up the tabernacle, move it and set it up again in right order.

Have you been keeping your Tabernacle in right order? What do you think it looks like now, compared to the day you received Jesus to come into your heart and it was perfectly cleansed?

What an honor and high calling to have God dwell in our hearts, His sanctuary. You can change the atmosphere around you. Let God dwell in you richly so others may see God dwelling in you and one day they too can be a tabernacle for God.

Prepare your tabernacle that it may honor God and draw others to God.

In Christ,